It’s crucial to understand how to work effectively with general contractors if you want to make sure that your construction project runs well. For more than 30 years, Jumba Engineering Services Ltd. has offered our clients commercial electrical services. In addition to providing mechanical and electrical services, we also have project managers who can communicate directly with your general contractors, saving you time and effort and ensuring that each project is finished according to your specifications.

Strong communication and leadership Create a Project for Healthy Construction

True collaboration must be attained by thorough organization, planning, and consensus from all sides. Here are some pointers we utilize when organizing electrical and mechanical work with your general contractor in a safe and secure manner:

  • Collaboration commences on Day 1. We consult with the general contractor as well as the architects, engineers, and any other specialists concerned before we lay out the wiring or begin any other work for a commercial project. We can strategize the best timing, coordination, and design to keep the project moving forward by working with other stakeholders. Additionally, it establishes positive working connections, which sets a positive tone for the entire project.

We create a cohesive team by putting our faith in the skills and knowledge of your general contractor and adding our own experience, which can improve project performance and lower risk for all parties involved.

  • Effective Leadership. Collaboration between all team members and at every level is made possible by our capable leadership group. Our project coordinators and electrical and mechanical managers are both able to motivate their teams’ performance while upholding their colleagues’ respect. We also regularly meet with the main stakeholders to make sure that everyone is aware of any modifications that may be necessary.
  • Communication. Good communication is the first step in establishing trust. We make sure that everyone at the building site remains in agreement because of this. For whatever task we do, our project coordinator and other professionals deal directly with suppliers and subcontractors.
  • Sharp Focus Construction sites typically feature a lot of moving pieces and multiple teams that collaborate with one another. Collaboration guarantees that teams have the space and time they need to successfully complete each project. At the same time, we maintain a strict focus on delivering high-quality work to reduce the need for expensive redos.

Join forces with Jumba Engineering Services Ltd.’s qualified professionals.

Our extensive service portfolio, which includes electrical system design, installation, and testing, is something we take great pride in.

  • Electrical system design and construction: For your new construction or renovation, highly qualified experts design and construct electrical mechanical systems.
  • Electrical System Projects: Whether you require testing, updates, or a totally new electrical system, we have the expertise to execute the work swiftly. Our broad service region includes businesses that we are pleased to assist. Additionally, your finished building or facility will be safer thanks to our comprehensive testing process.

Before you turn your blueprint into a finished building, do you need someone to examine your current electrical system? Our qualified electricians are prepared to finish the job and advance your project.

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