5 Reasons Why You Need An Electrical Contractor to Maintain Your Solar Panels

Solar energy is a wave for the future that is meant to reduce global warming. And instead of using fossil fuel, the solar panel harnesses the sun’s energy. And the good thing about solar energy is that it is not meant only for people living in the sunniest parts of the world; solar can be used even in places with the least sunlight. Solar energy works perfectly for both businesses and homeowners. But if you plan on getting the most out of the panels, you have to ensure that an experienced electrical contractor is installing them.

Solar panels are low-maintenance devices, but this doesn’t mean that just anyone can do the maintenance work. Therefore, you must hire an experienced electrical contractor to maintain your solar panels. Remember, an electrical contractor can run numerous diagnostic tests on your system and show you how to improve its performance. So here are a few reasons why you should hire an electrical contractor to maintain your solar system.

1.      An Electrical Contractor Can Detect a Problem Early and Solve It

An electrical issue can occur at any given point, but proper maintenance can help detect a problem before it occurs. And that is because an electrical contractor can inspect your entire system and ensure that it’s in good condition before billing you. An experienced electrical contractor can inspect all the cables, isolators (polarity, tightening, and wiring termination), panels, and inverter.

They can also perform numerous tests on the system to confirm that it’s working properly. Some of these tests include:

  • Inverter live test: normally, a simply healthy check includes checking the lights on the inverter box during the day. An orange or red light means that it’s faulty and green shows that it’s functioning perfectly. Other than that simple diagnosis, an experienced electrical contractor can also test the inverter using a multimeter.
  • The ISC check: this test refers to the measure of the panel’s short circuit current. To do this, you need to disconnect the faulty panel and then measure it using a multimeter. 

And by detecting an issue early, you can save some cash on major repairs and also ensure that your system will continue working properly.

2.      An Electrical Contractor Can Show You How to Optimize Your Power Consumption

Electrical Contractors can estimate how much you’re saving by going green and also provide guidance on how to improve your system and achieve your environmental and financial goal. A professional can measure your system’s output and determine how much your electronics use per day and advise on the way forward. You can use the electronic during the day when the production rate is at its peak and lower your needs from the power grid in the evening. You can also install a few more panels to produce more solar energy.

3.      An Electrical Contractor Can Repair Your System Once the Warranty Expires

Most solar panels come with a warranty that covers all forms of repairs; however, warranties do expire. And once they have run out, you will need the service of an experienced electrical contractor to help you take care of your solar system and ensure that it continues working properly. After all, the manufacturer took care of all the repair works, so there is a huge probability that you don’t even know how the system functions. An electrical contractor can replace your inverter when spoiled even after the warranty expires. Therefore, an electrical contractor can give you peace of mind even after your warranty has expired.

4.      Safety

Under normal circumstances, you can’t be electrocuted by simply touching your solar panels. However, you can get a low-grade burn; after all, the cells tend to be quite hot. But when it malfunctions, the solar PV system can electrocute anyone who touches it. Remember, solar panels also produce electricity, and any current above 75mA can be quite lethal to your heart. Just like with any other electrical system, a solar system can cause fire when it malfunctions. The solar panels are also very costly devices that can get damaged if mishandled. Therefore, you must have a qualified electrical contractor take care of your solar system.

Final Thoughts

Solar panels have numerous benefits, and one of the most common ones is lowering your utility bills. The solar system is a clean and better replacement for electricity generated by fossil fuel. And once you have good green, you will never want your system to malfunction. Therefore, you must have it maintained and serviced by an experienced electrical contractor. After all, an electrical contractorcan ensure that your solar system is running at full capacity and detect a problem early. The electrical contractor can also ensure that your facility stays off the grid without worrying about the system ever malfunctioning. 

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