Research and Development

Welcome to the JES Ltd R&D Department where various projects are carried out including research, technological startups, interdisciplinary enterprises, philanthropic activities  and many more.
Projects carried out within this department are independent of any influence from the main organization. However, there is oversight by Albert (Executive Director) and Vincent (Managing Director) who help with coaching and other services. Maureen ( Head of R&D ) is a licensed researcher who manages the operations, grant writing & management as well as supervises ongoing projects. The projects have their own management teams, budget, funds and are designated to charter their own path in terms of timelines, milestones, and achievements.

JES LTD mainly provides assistance with training activities, advisory, access to capital sources, assistance with core business operations, access to office space, and other operating resources.
Further abettance includes business basics, networking activities, marketing assistance, market research, financial management, access to bank loans, funding, link to strategic partners, access to angel investors/venture capital, comprehensive training, participating in advisory boards, Mentorships, Regulatory compliance, Intellectual property management. JES Ltd as well offers incubation for Medical, Public/Social, Seed Acceleration, Startup studios and more.

 More has been achieved through validated learning and speeding through the build, measure, learn feedback loop.

We believe in the right environment people want to achieve more in life and actualize their full potential, this has been realized over and over in the over 30 years of our existence through Passion, Experience, and Integrity.This is through offering true value in all aspects of our operations.

At JES LTD we exercise Genchi Gembutu. A hands-on approach in all aspects of our projects, leaving nothing to chance.

We are part of our regional and national economic development.

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