Quality Assurance Statement.

“It is the policy of Jumba Engineering Services Limited to provide quality work,
services, and products that meet or exceed the expectations and requirements
of our Clients. JES LTD is committed to continuous quality improvement
through involvement of all personnel and Clients, in a systematic, logical process, to continually improve JES LTD’s work practices and procedures.”

JES LTD is committed to the development and implementation of our company-wide Quality Control Process. Our employees adhere to established objectives for continuous improvement, as well as a quality policy that focuses on Client needs and improved processes to meet our goals of providing exceptional quality in all of our services. Management at all levels continually reinforces this commitment through communicating openly with employees about the importance of meeting all of JES LTD’s and our Clients’ requirements.

JES LTD’s Quality Control Process is implemented through the following key strategies:

  • Development of a clear focus and emphasis on the Clients’ needs and requirements
  • Adoption of a management structure that engenders positive attitudes, encourages personal and technical development, and which rewards effort, integrity, and initiative
  • Ongoing development and maintenance of an effective information and documentation system
  • Encouragement of technology transfer and professional development by means of attendance at professional seminars and appropriate courses, encouragement of employees to participate in and lead national professional organizations representing their engineering specialty, and by dissemination and reading of technical papers published by other experts
  • Commitment to a continuing recruitment program to attract and hire highly motivated professionals with appropriate qualifications and proven work skills